Enhance the Value of your offering to the SME sector

We believe our disaster recovery service will enhance the value of any business insurance broker’s offering into the SME sector. Through our own experiences with clients and our research, we know small businesses really want a hands on approach from experienced professionals when they suffer a disaster.

Businesses need experts working with them immediately to minimise disruption to their business.


In the event of a disaster your client may mobilise our services and we will source for you:

  • Emergency Alternative Premises
    Emergency alternative premises in any one of over 500 office locations around mainland UK, as close as possible to your existing premises, complete with furniture, meeting rooms, reception facilities, copier and secretarial services. It is your client’s responsibility to pay the rental costs and any deposit the office providers may require at the new premises
  • Disaster Event Managers
    A disaster event manager who will arrange and oversee the service delivery on site
  • IT Support
    IT technicians who will install a PC network of either 6 or 12 workstations as designated in the schedule
  • Email Access
    Reinstatement of their business email service
  • Internet Access
    Reconnection of their internet access for business use
  • Phone Line Access
    Redirection of their business telephone lines

We deliver all these services within 48 hours of gaining access to the emergency alternative premises.



Disasters can be make or break for small and medium sized business. A robust disaster recovery service protects businesses when they are most at risk.

  • More value and flexibility to your offering
  • Increased client retention – by offering an enhanced renewal service
  • Offer a low cost complete disaster recovery solution
  • Attract new clients
  • No administration hassle


IT equipment minimum specification

Not only can we provide support quickly, we provide high-quality equipment. Our IT equipment will always meet at least the following specifications:

  • HP® EliteBook Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 processors
  • One PC may be designated as a server
  • 24-hour soak tested
  • Delivered, pre-loaded, configured with Microsoft® Windows 10™, MS Office 2019™
  • All PCs Networked with one A4 laser printer

We hold bonded stock of this equipment delivered against our Service Level Agreement.



As an insurance broker, you will need to print off and sign our simple agency agreement. This provides full details about how to bind new clients, renew existing ones and the payment process.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please get in touch.

Call us on: +44 (0)20 7410 7499
Email us: info@firstrecovery.co.uk

If you’re a business looking for a single policy, find out more about our disaster recovery policies for business.


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Broker Benefits

  • New business opportunities increase through the added value the service provides
  • Enhances any renewal offering and as such clients will be less likely to move to another broker
  • Opportunity to generate new commissions
  • Competitive pricing equates to easy sale
  • No administration hassles

Client Benefits

  • A complete low cost disaster recovery solution
  • Real practical help immediately after a disaster
  • Reduced level of interruption to the business
  • No complicated or time consuming questionnaires

Other ways of working with First Recovery

  1. Place your business with insurers who support the product and include the service at no additional cost– see insurer partners page
  2. Approach your preferred insurer with whom you place schemes or large volumes of business to work with us to include the service within their policy offerings

To the outside world, it’s as if nothing has happened

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