We help our BUSINESS insurer partners stand out from the crowd

The SME insurance marketplace is becoming more competitive every year. Other than by brand or price it is very difficult for insurers to differentiate themselves in this increasingly overcrowded and homogenous sector.

We provide differentiation to those insurers that adopt our service, delivering competitive advantage to our insurer partners as well as a valued service to their SME clients.


How we work with Insurers

Our Disaster Recovery service is embedded into an insurer partner’s policy offering, typically at no cost to the client. This requires no change to policy wordings. A document advising the insured of the service and what to do in an emergency is provided.

We charge our insurer partners a monthly fee based on the number of policies to which the service attaches. This could be an entire portfolio, a scheme or a specific broker’s facility with the insurer partner.



First Recovery’s unique emergency disaster recovery service comprises:

  • Accommodation (normally within a 5 mile radius of the insured premises) in any one of over 500 standby office locations around the UK complete with furniture, meeting rooms, reception facilities and secretarial services
  • A dedicated disaster event manager attends on site along with the IT technicians
  • Reinstatement of the client’s email service
  • Delivery, commissioning and installation of a standby PC network - up to 12 stations
  • Reinstatement of data where our online backup service has been used
  • Redirection of telephone lines

…all services delivered within 24 hours of receiving instructions to mobilise from the insurer partner.



Our disaster recovery service protects businesses when they are most at risk. Adding this to your insurance offering can help you stand out from the crowded insurance market, as well as offering:

  • More value and flexibility to your offering
  • Seeing a reduction of BI/ICW claims and faster settlement
  • Satisfying FCA guidelines on ‘treating the customer fairly’ in a portfolio transfer scenario
  • Increased client retention – by offering an enhanced renewal service
  • Offer a low cost complete disaster recovery solution to attract new customers
  • No administration hassle


IT equipment minimum specification

Not only can we provide support quickly, we provide high-quality equipment. Our IT equipment will always meet at least the following specifications:

  • HP® EliteBook Laptop with Intel® Core™ i5 processors
  • One PC may be designated as a server
  • 24-hour soak tested
  • Delivered, pre-loaded, configured with Microsoft® Windows 10™, MS Office 2019™
  • All PCs Networked with one A4 laser printer

We hold bonded stock of this equipment delivered against our Service Level Agreement.



Find out more about adding First Recovery’s Disaster Recovery to your insurance policies, get in touch today.

Call us on: +44 (0)20 7410 7499
Email us: info@firstrecovery.co.uk

If you’re a business looking for a single policy, find out more about our disaster recovery policies for business.

Core Benefits

As well as providing your SME client base with help when they really need it, you will:

  • Attract more new business, including schemes and associations
  • Attract well managed companies that care about risk to their businesses
  • Retain more business
  • See a reduction in quantum of BI/ICW claims and faster settlement
  • Satisfy FCA guidelines on ‘treating the client fairly’ when the service is provided in a portfolio transfer scenario
  • Not be faced with any additional administrative burden

Client Benefits

A full list of benefits can be found in our insurer document.

To the outside world, it’s as if nothing has happened

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