How Can a Disaster Recovery Plan Work Alongside a Business Plan?

Posted By on December 5th, 2019

Did you know that December is write a business plan month? 

A business plan will set out your objectives and the strategies you will use to achieve them. Without a business plan it is easy to get lost – you may not know where you are going as a business or fail to grow and succeed as you wish.

To ensure the continuity of your business you need a plan to direct you and help you make the right decisions for the success of your business.

And whilst a business plan is vital to your success, you must also think about what you would do and how you would act if a disaster should strike. It is a worrying statistic that as many as 80% of businesses never fully recover from a disaster event. And it isn’t unreasonable to think that one of the key reasons for this is because businesses do not plan for disaster. In fact, figures suggest that only 35% of businesses have full confidence in their disaster recovery plans.

If you wouldn’t go into setting up a business without creating a business plan, then why would you not also look to create a disaster recovery plan? A business plan will set your objectives and strategies, but you also need to consider how you would act in response to a range of events. The last thing that you want is for a disaster event to knock your business off course if you have invested a significant amount of time and effort in setting everything up, employing staff and investing money into the business.

So this December as well as making sure you have an up to date business plan in place which sets the course for your business, also make sure you have a disaster recovery plan in place so that if the worst should happen and knock you off course you can act quickly and get back to running a successful business as soon as possible. It may be the best thing that you spend time on as we move into the new year!

If you are not sure how to approach disaster recovery planning, then why not get in touch with us at First Recovery? We are specialists in the subject and provide a range of disaster recovery packages to suit small businesses of all sizes.