Steps To Take To Avoid Disaster This Christmas Period

Posted By on December 16th, 2019

With not long to go until the festive period begins, we thought we would take the chance to look at the steps business owners can take to ensure the safety of their business premises if they will be left empty over the Christmas period.  

Many people take a well-earned break over the Christmas period. But it is still a time for small business owners to remain vigilant. Particularly if your business premises will be left vacant for an extended time.

Leaving you premises vacant brings with it security risks from opportunistic thieves or vandals, as well as weather related risks such as flooding, wind damage and freezing weather conditions.

Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your premises safe over the Christmas period:

  1. Secure your property before you leave – Make sure that all access points are adequately secured before you leave for your break. This should include windows as well as doors. Make sure any gates, or other access points are locked and shut. This will minimise the risk of anyone getting on to your property.
  2. Activate CCTV – if you have CCTV installed on your premises then do make sure that it is working and active. It can act as a deterrent but also provide you with evidence if anything were to happen
  3. Make sure alarms are set – whilst the presence of an alarm system itself can act as a deterrent, nothing is better than actually having the alarm set and working
  4. Consider putting lights on an automatic timer – if possible then do put lights on a timer. It can give the impression that someone is in at your premises. Lighting can also put would be thieves off as lighting means they are less likely to go unnoticed
  5. Check the weather forecast – before you leave check the weather forecast. If the forecast is for freezing temperatures, then leave your heating on at a low level to avoid your pipes freezing. The last thing you want to come back to in the new year is a water damage from a burst pipe. Equally if high winds are forecast you may want to check any fencing or gates which secure your perimeter to minimise the risk of damage.

At First Recovery we hope you enjoy the Christmas period. Just be sure that you do not leave in a rush on your final day in the office. Take the time to check your premises are secured and that you have taken steps to make them as unattractive to thieves as possible. Taking the time to put these steps in place will help you avoid coming back to a potential disaster in the new year.