Disaster Recovery – What To Expect If The Worst Should Happen

Posted By on October 4th, 2019

Would you know what to expect if a disaster should strike your business?

Disasters can come in many forms

  • Natural disasters e.g floods
  • Cyber-attacks
  • Human error
  • Fire
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Burst Pipes

But if they should strike, all disasters will have a significant impact on your business operations. You may find your business facing any number of the following situations

  • Your IT systems may go down, leaving you unable to access any of your systems or methods of communications. This can be particularly concerning if your systems for communicating with customers are affected 
  • In the case of a fire or flood, your business premises may need to be evacuated quickly and without warning
  • Your premises may be unusable for a prolonged period of time in the clear up operation following a flood or fire. Disaster recovery following on from the effects of theft or vandalism can also be more time consuming than you may expect.

What can you expect in the initial few days following a disaster?

This will very much depend on how prepared your business is to cope with disaster striking. For example, whether you have a disaster recovery plan in place which maps out the steps to take in the event of a disaster. 

For businesses who have invested very little time or thought into how they would cope following a disaster, if the worst should happen the days following are likely to be stressful and disorganised. Having no plan in place, or guidance for staff to follow can slow down your recovery. Making things more difficult and impacting your businesses ability to recover from the effects of a disaster as quickly as possible, if at all.  

For those businesses who have a well-tested disaster recovery planin place, whilst coping with disaster will likely still be a stressful time, this stress should be eased by having clear direction of the required actions to take. There is less likely to be confusion or panic having tested and run through a plan. As well as having staff who know exactly what is required of them.

How can First Recovery help in the days following a disaster?

First Recoveryare specialists in disaster recovery. We support all of our clients in the immediate period following a disaster. 

Our service is designed to be the first step in helping your business survive the effects of a disaster. We do this by getting you back up and running in temporary offices, with access to back up IT systems, from which to operate your business.

We will respond if any major disaster (fire, flood, terrorist attack, major accident) renders your office unfit for occupation for longer than one week. If there is physical damage to your business premises, then we will get you set up in one of our 500 fully equipped stand by offices located around the UK. We will get you set up with a full suite of services within a maximum of 48 hours – in reality it has never taken us more than 24 hours.

At First Recovery, disaster recovery is what we do. If you suffer a disaster event, our aim is to ensure that to the outside world, it seems as if nothing has happened. If your business is to survive the impacts of a disaster, your recovery needs to be fast. That’s why we will get you set up and supported within 24 hours of a disaster striking. If you have any questions about our disaster recovery services get in touch with ustoday.