How much does specialist disaster recovery support cost?

Posted By on January 25th, 2019

The short answer is probably less than you think if you choose a provider like First Recovery to support your business. It’s true that if you look to one of the big corporate providers, you’ll be expected to pay “big corporate” prices, but First Recovery are aimed at the smaller business, with smaller prices to match.

There are two packages to choose from, depending on the size of your business. For micro businesses, employing between one and ten people, the cost is £625+VAT. Slightly larger businesses with between 10 and 100 employees pay £895+VAT.  Compare this to the corporate providers who literally charge thousands of pounds for their services.

First Recovery works a bit like an insurance policy, in that in exchange for an annual fee (either £625 or £895), you get the reassurance that if a disaster befalls your business, jeopardising your ability to trade, First Recovery will leap in to action to get you back up and running – fast.

Just to be clear though, First Recovery are not an insurance company and don’t offer insurance, although they do work closely with a number of insurers to provide their services to the customers of those insurers. So, what’s the difference between what First Recovery do and what insurers offer? To put it simply, your business insurance is there first and foremost to provide financial recompense if an event occurs that causes you to be out of pocket – as long as that event is something you’ve insured against and can claim on.

First Recovery are there to provide support of a much more practical nature. As soon as your business is hit by a disaster, whether that’s a fire, flood, terrorist event or something else, they will deploy a Disaster Event Manager to help you on site. If you call them before midday, they will be with you before the end of the day and, within 24 hours of the disaster happening, they will have set you up in alternative business premises locally.

In addition to finding temporary offices, First Recovery will also get your IT and systems back up and running, install broadband and phones, divert numbers and sort out PCs and printers – in short, set you up with a communications recovery centre from which you can show the world it’s “business as usual”.

The speed with which they do all this is key. Experience shows that the longer it takes a business to get back on its feet, the less chance it has of long term survival. So, what are you waiting for? Why not give First Recovery a call today to find out more?