Boosting The Security Of Your Business Premises

Posted By on September 24th, 2019

Security of your business premises is important all year round. But as we move into Autumn and as the evenings start to draw in, it is worth giving it some extra consideration to see if there’s anything you could do to give the security of your business premises a boost. The last thing you want, or need is for your business to have to recover from a break in, theft or act of vandalism. Particularly if taking some simple security steps could have potentially prevented it.

Business recovery following a break in or vandalism can often be more prolonged than you may expect. And if this is the case it could mean your business has to cease trading for an extended period whilst you sort out the damage. Something which could leave you out of pocket.

Here are some checks it could be worth making in the coming weeks to make sure the security of your business premises is assured:

Check your locks

There are many types of lock. But some are considered better than others. Locks should ideally comply with BS3621 – the British Standard for locks. Locks that meet this standard can be deadlocked as well as requiring a key on either side to open them. They also meet other security standards such as resisting the lock picking technique. It is likely that your lock meets the standards as it is quite commonplace. But if you have any concerns then it is certainly something worth looking into. It could be a simple win when it comes to the security of your business premises.

Check your lighting

In the summer months, it is easy to overlook things like outside lighting given that it is most likely still light when you leave for the day. But with the shorter daylight hours it is a good idea to check that your lighting is working as expected.

Check that your current lighting solution gives ample light to the whole of the area surrounding your business premises. This is not only a good deterrent to potential thieves but also helps with safety of customers or staff who may be arriving or returning to their vehicles in the dark.

Consider outside lighting which comes with motion sensors. This can also help protect and make your business less attractive to criminals.

Another top tip is to check that all of your lighting is still working properly following a storm or power outage.

Check your surroundings

Large or overgrown bushes, shrubbery or trees in the area surrounding your business can be attractive to thieves. They give them somewhere to hide or can block visibility. So now may be a good time to get a gardener in or get outside yourself and prune those trees back before we head into winter.

Also check the view of your business premises from outside in. What do people see when they look in your window? If you keep stock or equipment visible this could be attractive to criminals. It may be worth considering putting as much away at night as possible – you don’t want to advertise your valuables if it can be avoided.

Check your alarm and CCTV system

Or if you don’t have an alarm or CCTV system in place, it is most likely worth investing in one.

Having a good security system in place can help ensure the safety of your premises, stock and employees at all times of day.

It is good practice to have your alarm installed and maintained by a recognised installer. It is also a good idea for the company that you use to be recognised by your local police force. In terms of the alarm itself, alarms are graded under European standards so ensure that you have the alarm that is most suited to the type of property that you have. For example, Grade 3 alarms are usually used for commercial premises.

Business recovery following a theft or vandalism can be more time consuming than you may expect as a business owner. So now is a good time to take stock and ensure that your business security is suitable enough to protect your business.

At First Recovery we can also help you take stock of your business needs when it comes to disaster recovery. If a disaster means you need to move out of your premises, we can set your key staff up in a disaster recovery centre within 24 hours. Get in touch with us today to see how we can support your business recovery if the worst should happen.